You Will Always Be Welcomed Here; Come As You Are

In tonight’s yoga class, I introduced the idea of our external environment shaping our internal architecture. I talked about how these stimuli have the potential to shape our mood and how we have some element of control over many of these inputs. 

And then I talked about the things we can’t control. What do we do when we can’t limit our exposure to the things that do not serve us?

We may not be able to eliminate the bad altogether, but we can choose to turn the volume up or down. And when our environment is not nurturing us, that is the best time to turn the attention inward and go deep. 

As instructors, we tend to teach what we need or offer up to the universe the lessons we have earned from surviving all sorts of mistakes along the way. We sprinkle this with good intention on our students but we are sometimes unsure of how it lands.

So when one of my students approached me after today’s class with gratitude and tears in his eyes, expressing that this class was particularly significant – when a student reciprocates with this level of connection – that is my affirmation that we must continue teaching with our hearts first. That is a reminder to me, of the importance of providing a safe space and repeating this offering until it is engrained in body and mind;

You will always be welcomed here.  Come as you are.