Yoga is a Bridge

A regular yoga practice has the power to transcend our mats and show up for us in other areas of our lives. Time invested on the mat allows us to become aware of the inner workings of our minds. It can shape them to become less reactive. It can assist in shifting our perspective out of our own stories.  

Our history and experiences create bias, often setting us up to misinterpret the actions of others in a negative light.  Previous instances of hurt and loss collect in our subconscious, building walls of defence from which to seek shelter behind in current moments of challenge. Yoga cultivates a sense of objectivity and oneness, allowing us to peer out from behind our walls. 

When we look beyond ourselves, we see parts of ourselves in others, and parts of others in ourselves because we are universal.  Yoga creates a bridge between us and the rest of the world, so that with every interaction, we develop the ability to break down our walls, cross the threshold, and land softly on the other side.