Yoga for Back Pain

I entered into my career with the dream of integrating yoga into the healthcare system.  I wanted to provide patients with better options to access yoga in a therapeutically safe and effective way that reflected the specific needs of their condition.


What Makes This Programming Unique?

Yoga for Back Pain is a structured, progressive yoga program that combines education, movement, and meditation that is specific to back pain.  It integrates the most up-to-date information on the medical management of back pain and introduces self-management strategies in the educational component.  Yoga postures are specifically sequenced to reflect current rehabilitative strategies prescribed by healthcare providers to assist patients in managing and overcoming their pain.  Each class in the program closes with a meditation to enhance self-awareness and reduce physical and mental stress.

Two Options for Accessing Yoga for Back Pain

In Person

Available as a 6-week or 12-week option, these clinical yoga programs are offered throughout the year.  They are listed as a chiropractic service and are eligible for reimbursement through extended health benefits.


12-week program that is available digitally to allow you to access the benefits of classes at your own pace, on your own schedule and from the comfort of your home.

Yoga International Course


This 2-hour course is designed for healthcare providers and yoga teachers who work with individuals with back pain and are interested in offering more specific guidance around using mindful movement for pain management.

Comments from Participants

“I went to her yoga for low back pain classes, and I love her teaching style ... Highly recommend seeing her if you struggle with low back pain!"

-Yoga by Penny

"What a great combination: a chiropractor teaching yoga! You will love Dr. Kirstie's classes. I am more intentional in my movements and more optimistic. I have to move in order to heal!"

- Susan V

"Thoroughly enjoyed the Yoga for Low Back Pain program. Was a great opportunity to ease into yoga and was super manageable for all levels of fitness (& back pain). Highly recommend!"

- Bethany M