Yoga for Back Pain

Imagine knowing exactly how to move your body in a way that would ease your pain.

Yoga for Back Pain combines education, mindful movement, and guided meditation and is specifically designed for people with back pain.

In this program you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of your body and what it needs to feel strong and healthy.
  • Become aware of movements that trigger pain and how to modify them so you can heal.
  • Cultivate a sense of calm and relaxation to move through your day with less stress.
  • Enjoy swimming in the lake, taking long hikes, playing on the floor with your kids, or whatever other activities you love—without your pain holding you back.

What Makes This Program Unique?

Yoga for Back Pain integrates the modern medical management of back pain with the ancient wisdom of yoga. This program features:

1) Education for Empowered Action

You’ll be guided step-by-step through 12 weekly educational videos to learn everyday strategies to understand and manage your back pain.

2) Yoga Classes for Mindful Movement

You’ll have instant and unlimited access to 12 recorded yoga classes that are each 45 minutes long. All classes are specifically designed to be safe and supportive for individuals with back pain.

3) Meditation for Cultivating Awareness

Each of the recorded yoga classes ends with a brief guided meditation. Meditation taps into the power of the mind to bring more awareness to relieve stress and tension from the body.

4) Bonus Implementation Handouts

You’ll get downloadable handouts to make it easy to take action on what you learn and apply it to everyday life.

Two Options for Accessing Yoga for Back Pain

In Person

This 12-week semi-private program provides you with personalized health guidance and yoga instruction with the benefit of being in community with others.  The in-person program is offered as a chiropractic service and can be covered through your extended health benefits.


The online program provides you with instant access to educational videos, yoga classes and meditations. You'll have lifetime access to 12 hours of content that you can do on your own schedule from the comfort of home.

Comments from Participants

“I went to her yoga for low back pain classes, and I love her teaching style ... Highly recommend seeing her if you struggle with low back pain!"

-Yoga by Penny

"What a great combination: a chiropractor teaching yoga! You will love Dr. Kirstie's classes. I am more intentional in my movements and more optimistic. I have to move in order to heal!"

- Susan V

"Thoroughly enjoyed the Yoga for Low Back Pain program. Was a great opportunity to ease into yoga and was super manageable for all levels of fitness (& back pain). Highly recommend!"

- Bethany M