Top 3 Objections to Exercising with Back Pain

Movement is medicine. Yoga has been studied extensively and has incredible success in the management of pain conditions. When my patients and I dialogue this, I see several common themes: 

1) Back Pain patients are interested in yoga but they are nervous about exercising; there is uncertainty surrounding their condition and what motion is safe versus harmful 

2) Traditional gym/studio settings may not be the right fit; they are not prepared to commit to an annual membership, class sizes are large, and the instruction is too broad and geared toward many levels of fitness 

3) They are concerned that their instructors may not possess the knowledge to appropriately modify and offer instruction that reflects their health condition 

That is why I have designed a program that combines my expertise and passion for healthcare & yoga. My Yoga for Low Back Pain program is a 12 week program that combines education, movement, and meditation to give you the tools to get out of pain. Space is limited to 10 participants allowing for personalized instruction and the opportunity for hands-on assists. 

This program offers much of the education and rehabilitation I offer my patients, but in a small group setting, providing an economical care option to those suffering with back pain.