This is Your Journey

Every day is not perfect, but if you ask my patients, this is generally the level of enthusiasm I bring to our encounters. I love being a chiropractor, I feel privileged to be a part of this profession and I aim to use to platform to spread truth about what it is we do and why we do it. 

Your initial appointment is intended to be for information gathering, building the foundation for a trusting doctor-patient relationship, and addressing any questions you may have. I conduct a thorough health history and physical exam to understand what is causing your pain in order to map out a plan of management. As part of this discussion, I will ask you about your goals; as important as it is to determine the cause of your pain, I feel it is more important to understand what your motivation is for seeking out care. How is it impacting your life?  What effect is it having on your mood and state of being?  

After our first visit, I sit down and write out your Report Of Findings which is shared with you on your second visit. I outline the information you have shared with me, the findings from the physical exam, the diagnosis and the recommendations for treatment. These extend beyond the adjustments and soft tissue work we do in the clinic, and are reflective of your personal picture. If your pain is affecting your sleep, we look at strategies to improve it. If your pain is amplifying stress, we look at ways to reduce it.  I use yoga therapy as part of my treatment plan, building a personalized routine to suit the needs of the person before me, breaking down postures one at a time at each visit. We discuss mindfulness and how it can be cultivated to increase your awareness of pain triggers to give you a greater sense of control over your condition. 

This is all to say that we typically spend 1.5 hours together before we begin the hands-on treatment you are seeking. This time is so vital for ensuring that you are receiving the most appropriate care that is congruent with your goals, and creates space to establish a trust that is necessary for a therapeutic relationship. 

This is your journey; and I am here to support you on it.