The Yoga Practice Begins From the Moment You Walk Into The Room

It begins even before that; the truth is the practice never really starts or ends. 

It is woven into how we live

How we treat one another

How we react

How we show up

But let’s talk in the context of this sacred space. 

It is how you open the door 

How you walk across the room 

And especially how you place down your mat 

Every action should be performed being mindful of the bodies around you

The people inside of them 

And the vulnerability that comes from lying on the ground in a room full of strangers with your eyes closed

So please, come in 

But walk with grace

Roll out your mat carefully

Be aware of where you place your props

Preserve the silence; maybe the only moment of your day that is filled with quiet

And dive into the peace that comes from being intentional and riding the wave of a room full of breath and stillness.