The Body Keeps the Score

For my first few months in practice I suffered from persistent headaches that were intensified by stress.  I began a ritual of carving out care days where I set one day of the month aside to totally step away from my business and take care of my mind and body. It turns out you can never really totally step about from your business, my practice is such a real part of me and it shows up regularly on my off days.

So once a month on a Thursday, I indulge in yoga, steam room, hot tub and sauna, and schedule my back-to-back (haha) massage appointment and chiropractic treatment. During one of these appointments, I engaged in a wonderfully deep conversation with my colleague at the clinic. At the close of the hour, she handed me this book. 

This was two months ago. Truth be told, I hadn’t opened this yet because of the sheer volume of the text. But this book kept showing up for me in life and I took it as a sign to crack the front cover and dive in. I’m 38 pages in and the author is putting the essence of my practice into words in a way I didn’t know was possible. 

“The brain-disease model overlooks 4 fundamental truths:

1) our capacity to destroy one another is matched by our capacity to heal one another. Restoring relationships and community is central to restoring well-being. 

2) language gives us power to change ourselves and others by communicating our experiences helping us to define what we know and finding a common sense of meaning. 

3) we have the ability to regulate our own physiology, including functions of the body and brain through such basic activities as breathing, moving, and touching

4) we can change social conditions to create environments in which people can feel safe and thrive” 

You had me at number one