Yoga Testimonials

"I have taken a few yoga classes in the past and all were very intimidating. I left the classes feeling like a failure because I couldn’t do the poses. The classes where I was assured the teacher would provide me with alternate poses just never happened. I was so put off a few years ago that I quit my session after only 4 classes and swore I’d never go to another yoga class - then I had an opportunity to take Kirstie’s class and for the first time ever I felt wonderful after the class - not only was I energized and invigorated from the poses and meditation but I felt accomplished because I was able to get through the class using modifications that Kirstie provided - and not to me personally but to the entire class which was great because I didn’t feel like she was singling me out - she even used some of the modifications herself which me me feel like “it’s ok to do these poses differently”. Taking Kirstie’s class has renewed my faith in yoga and inspired me to pursue a more regular practice. If you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, I’m sure you will love Kirstie’s class as much as I did."

- Martine Ross

"I had never taken yoga classes before & was very intimidated by the idea of going by myself to a big gym. Then I found out about Dr. Kirstie’s classes for lower back pain & thought I’d give it a try. I’m so glad I did!!
Dr. Kirstie started each class with a little practical info, about how what we do in every day life affects our bodies & how our actions can help or hinder ourselves. It was very informative. Then she teaches the actual yoga movements. It’s a small class & I liked that you could go at your own pace. If a pose felt uncomfortable, you could try something else. I never felt awkward or out of place.
Dr. Kirstie created a very relaxing & zen environment, which is how I pictured yoga classes SHOULD feel. She’s a fantastic teacher. If you get the chance to sign up for one of her classes, do it! Your body & mind will thank you."

- Tania Jacobs

"Such a beautiful woman with a lovely energy! I went to her yoga for low back pain classes, and I love her teaching style. She takes her practice and relate it back to her life which she then shares with us. Such a wonderful way to teach about life struggles and wins, and that life consists of both. Highly recommend seeing her if you struggle with low back pain!"

- Yoga by Penny

"I've gone to lots of yoga classes in the past but never really learned much. Dr. Griffiths low back pain class is very therapeutic but also really informative - I came away with a better understanding of movement"

- Michael Sheard

"I have loved my 12 week low back yoga class with Dr. Griffiths! I had never tried yoga before so I was a bit nervous walking into the first class. But then as she started to teach, all my nerves went away because of how she teaches. She shows you all different moderation's of each pose to best fit each individuals needs. She ensures everyone to only do what feels right and don't do anything that hurts. This was so important to me because my first class, I had really bad low back pain so I was unable to do all the poses. Over the past 12 weeks, not only has my pain improved dramatically, but I have the confidence to practice yoga on my own or to attend other classes. I highly recommend participating in Dr. Griffiths yoga classes, I promise you will love every minute of it!!"

- Sierra Van Fleet

"What a great combination: a chiropractor teaching yoga! You will love Dr. Kirstie's classes. I am more intentional in my movements and more optimistic. I have to move in order to heal!"

- Susan Varga

"Thoroughly enjoyed the Yoga for Low Back Pain program that Dr. Kirstie Griffiths taught. Was a great opportunity to ease in to yoga and was super manageable for all levels of fitness (& back pain). Highly recommend!"

- Bethany Mauer

"In April of 2019, Dr. Kirstie Griffiths reached out over social media, and introduced herself as a chiropractor, and yoga instructor based in Guelph.  She offers small group yoga therapy for conditions such as low back pain, as well as: Yang Yin Yoga & Hatha Yoga.  She is a super positive, thoughtful, and compassionate person; which is well reflected in her yoga instruction, and also her instagram feed.  In the classroom, and out of the classroom (via social media) Kirstie maintains an intimate and true to life health and wellness dialogue with her students.  She shares stories relating to food, her clinical experiences, and teaching.  I found my twelve weeks participation in the low back pain series to be the perfect way to re-establish my yoga practice.  Not only did it help heal past injuries; it gave me the confidence to hit the mat again on a consistent basis.  The studio is embraced by positive energy at the conclusion of her classes. Kirstie is a knowledgeable, respectful and grateful yogi to her students, inviting them to return again and again"

- Nicole Hogg

Chiropractic Testimonials

"I love this clinic. Not only do I feel better physically, but I also leave feeling like I’ve just had a great time with some old friends- EVERY time. The front staff are always lovely, smiling, greeting people by name and Dr. Griffiths is the most caring and effective doctor I’ve probably ever seen. I was extremely anxious to see a chiropractor for my first time, but it was made to be enjoyable by Dr. Griffiths and the rest of staff!"

- Sara Alderman

"Kirstie (Dr. Griffiths) is not only my personal chiropractor, but she has also collaborated on a number of classes for me at my studio in Guelph - Loyobo FIT. She is a wonderful teacher, who brings compassion and understanding to her classes. She accepts all different body types, and her understanding of the human body through her chiropractic work allows her to modify for all types of different injuries and conditions. I highly recommend working with Kirstie either if you are looking to adjust your body through chiro or if you are looking to deepen (or start!) your yoga practice"

- Courtney McCarthy

"I have been taking yoga classes with Kirstie for a couple years now. I enjoy her style, her calming voice and the way she gives suggestions for modifications. I recently have visited her as a patient and am pleased with her ability to give options for treatment depending on your lifestyle and budget. Just like her classes, her guidance goes beyond the classroom or the clinic. She is also happens to be a wonderful person and a huge supporter of local business."

- Julie Van Bergen

"Dr. Griffiths is wonderful! Both my husband and I see her and couldn't be happier. She is incredibly kind, knowledgeable, really listens to you and provides treatment specifically tailored to your individual needs. She is passionate about seeing people happy and healthy, so works her hardest to figure out what your body needs and provide you with excellent care. You really feel like she is in your corner. We are much healthier and in much less pain after seeing Dr. Griffiths."

- Hannah Briggs

"Dr. Griffiths is by far the best chiropractor I have ever been to. She is extremely friendly and will do everything she can to put you at ease. Dr. Griffiths takes the time to actively listen to your complaints and will customize your adjustment accordingly. It has been wonderful having a medical professional that not only cares about your physical well being but also your mental and emotional well being."

- Shannon Grundy

"Seeing Dr Griffiths for some back and shoulder pain. I commute about 1-3 hours a day and had some right sided shoulder pain and also a very old bed. Dr Griffiths has been great at doing adjustments but also recommending changes I can make and at home exercises! Everyone at the centre are all so friendly as well!!"

- Jennifer Vong

"Dr. Griffiths has been a fantastic chiropractor. I emailed to set-up an appointment and heard back within an hour to get things going. I received an appointment with Dr. Griffiths and it has been going great. She is thorough with her examination and preliminary testing. I feel comfortable with her and have full trust that she is there with my best interests in mind. The reception staff at the clinic are always welcoming and courteous and I enjoy the atmosphere every time I stop by."

- Ross Cheeseman

"So I am sharing this for someone else that can truly benefit. A great opportunity for someone suffering. If you are looking for a great place to find a chiropractor. Look no further. I am a dancer with fibromyalgia, scoliosis , rotator cuff injury, past rib injury, and issue with my shoulder blade. So overall, pretty scary busy for a dance and fitness teacher. Yet I felt so confident, and all because of Kirstie - Kirstie is an amazing woman, smart, talented at her job and really out for the best for her patients. From personal experience - she was an exceptional chiropractor, gave me great tools and I felt confident and supported leaving my appointments. As a teacher - one of best dance students. Intelligent in her movements which really showed her connection with body. It is enlightening to watch some move when they know the body so well. Her knowledge and care is what sets her apart. Book her - seriously. You won't regret it."

- Kayla Gerber

"I went to see Dr. Griffiths for some lower back and hip pain I had been struggling with for awhile. She treated me with the utmost care and compassion. She was very thorough with her assessments and treatments, and I was very appreciative of her attention to both the muscles that were affected, as well as my spine. She spent just as much time helping relieve the tension in the muscles of my lower back and hips as she did working on my spinal and hip alignment. She also showed me some very helpful stretches to do at home, which aided further in my treatment and recovery. I have noticed a huge improvement in my range of motion, and am finally pain free. I would highly recommend that you talk to Dr. Griffiths if you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your back and hips."

- Danielle Kemp

"Incredibly friendly staff and doctors make you feel welcome and comfortable. Treatments improved chronic back discomfort and Dr. Griffiths was a fantastic chiropractor."

- Kennedy Mason

"Full disclosure – I was hesitant in seeing a chiropractor. A while back, I experienced sudden pain in my back probably due to a bad sleep position or an improper move at the gym. I was encouraged to seek out a chiropractor from friends. That’s when I found Dr. Kirstie Griffiths. I got an appointment the next day. Dr. Griffiths was gracious with my doubts and reluctance. She took the time to ask questions in order to evaluate my concern. This was muscle related pain. After 4 visits, I was pleasantly surprised by the progress. Next time I won’t wait! Why suffer when you can avoid pain and discomfort and experience a much better quality of life. I would highly recommend Dr. Griffiths to allow her to evaluate your situation."

- Deb Balassiano

"I was nervous about seeing a chiropractor because I have scoliosis with Herrington rod implants. Dr. Kirstie Griffiths found gentle ways to work around my condition and has greatly improved my day-to-day pain levels and range of motion. My husband and I typically have appointments later in the day, but have never felt that she's rushing us through or not giving us her full attention. Five stars, awesome personal and chiro skills! The reception also get full stars for the fun and professional atmosphere they provide."

- Sharon Steenburg

"Kirstie is a compassionate and skilled chiropractic who cares deeply about her patients! I highly recommend her services."

- Heather Spares

"Dr. Griffiths is caring, compassionate and an excellent listener. Her attentiveness and dedication to health betterment in all areas is a rare gem. Highly recommended."

- Yvonne Runstedler

"Dr. Griffiths is a rare chiropractor (and medical professional) who balances consciousness and commitment to providing the best care for her patients. Her patients are not just bodies to be managed and adjusted, but people who require a whole health and wellness approach. She sees, hears, and intuitive feels the needs of her patients. I love that she is clear in her intentions and philosophy as a chiropractor and has a process that deeply honours each person who seeks her support."

- Traci Scheepstra

"Dr. Griffiths is very professional, great listener and is compassionate at what she does. She wants to make everyone feel their best. I had a problem with my foot which lead to problems with my back. Once Dr. Griffiths diagnosis the reason for my pain and started treatment, I felt instant relief. I would highly recommend Dr. Griffiths to anyone that is going through pain and discomfort. Don't wait."

- Gail LaBranche