Services: Guelph Chiropractic & Yoga



Your initial appointment is intended to be for information gathering, building the foundation for a trusting doctor-patient relationship, and addressing any questions you may have.  During this 60-minute initial visit, Dr. Griffiths will conduct a comprehensive history and perform a physical exam in order to map out a plan of management.  As part of this discussion, Dr. Griffiths will ask you to share your goals; as important as it is to determine the cause of any complaint, it is equally important to understand your motivation for seeking out care and how it is impacting your life.

Following the first visit, Dr. Griffiths will detail a Report of Findings which is shared with you on your second visit.  This report summarizes the information gathered from the first visit, conveys a diagnosis, and outlines recommendations for next-steps and treatment.  These extend beyond the hands-on therapy offered in the clinic, and are reflective of your personal picture.  If your pain is affecting your sleep, strategies are included to improve it.  If pain is amplifying your stress, your plan of management will suggest ways to reduce it.  Chiropractic treatment and recommendations are unique and customized to the individual patient and may include any combination of: joint mobilization and manipulation, soft tissue therapy, orthotics, physical rehabilitation and yoga therapy, and lifestyle modifications.

Yoga Therapy

Dr. Griffiths uses yoga therapy in her chiropractic practice as part of the plan of management, building a personalized routine to suit the needs of the individual patient, and breaking down postures and techniques one at a time on each visit.  The concept of mindfulness is introduced and the patient is educated on how this can be used as a tool to increase awareness of pain triggers and provide a greater sense of control over the condition.  Meditation, breathing techniques, and physical postures are used in combination to groove patterns for pain-free, feel-good movement that is customized to the patient's condition and reflective of their goals for therapy.  Dr. Griffiths also offers small group Yoga Therapy programs in a studio space at the clinic that are eligible for coverage as a chiropractic service.


Private Yoga

Outside of the clinical setting, Dr. Griffiths offers private home-based yoga instruction for those individuals looking to begin or deepen their yoga practice.  Private yoga classes consider your individual goals and needs, general health, injuries, conditions, and personal circumstances, in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Workshops & Special Events

Dr. Griffiths is available for both Yoga Instruction and Health and Wellness Education for your upcoming event!  Whether it be corporate team-building, a birthday party or other private get-together, a lunch-and-learn, or a charitable event, Dr. Griffiths is passionate about sharing information on how yoga and chiropractic play a role in health and wellness.