Services: Guelph Chiropractic & Yoga


Chiropractic Care

Dr. Griffiths has designed a signature approach to pain management that guides patients through four phases of care. The journey begins with an initial assessment, where Dr. Griffiths will go through a history and physical exam with special testing to better understand where your pain is coming from. This appointment is intended for information gathering, building the foundation for a trusting doctor-patient relationship, and addressing any questions you may have.  You will also be invited to share your goals; as important as it is to determine the cause of any issue, it is equally important to understand your reasons for seeking out care and how pain is impacting your life.

On the second visit, Dr. Griffiths will present a personalized Report of Findings, which summarizes the cause of your pain, outlines the roadmap for treatment, and provides recommendations on things you can do to self-manage your pain. As part of this holistic approach, lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, and ergonomics will be addressed. Dr. Griffiths’ unique methodology uses a mind-body approach and treatment can include techniques such as manual therapy, acupuncture, advice on pain control and daily activities, prescribed yoga and exercises, dietary supplements, and fitting for braces or orthotics.


Yoga is well supported by research as being effective for both mental and physical health. As a chiropractor and a yoga teacher, Dr. Griffiths brings a unique approach to her teaching that is evidence-informed, safe, and effective for pain management.

Yoga for Back Pain is a specialized clinical small-group program that is covered through health insurance as a chiropractic service. This program is also available online if you would prefer to access it from home.

Yoga for Back Pain includes twelve classes that combine education on pain management, mindful movement, and guided meditations to reduce stress and improve emotional regulation.

The concepts you learn in this program will help you better understand and manage your pain, so you can get back to the things in your life that matter most.


Workshops & Special Events

Dr. Griffiths is pleased to offer Health and Wellness Education for you and your team.  Whether it be part of a comprehensive corporate wellness program or a single event such as a lunch-and-learn, Dr. Griffiths is passionate about sharing information on how yoga and chiropractic play a role in health and wellness.  Her popular keynote presentations can be delivered in-person or virtually and include:

  • Working From Home: Adapting to a Changing World While Nurturing Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing
  • Childcare: Strategies for a Better Back
  • Chronic Pain: a Complex Condition Requiring a Unique Approach
  • Chiropractic & Yoga: Healthcare That Blends Ancient Wisdom and Modern Evidence-Based Care
  • Meditation for Mental and Physical Health

Dr. Griffiths also offers group yoga and meditation instruction for corporate groups, birthday parties, private and charitable events.

Previous collaborations and partnerships include: