New Year, New Me?

‘Tis the season for reflection and resolution. 

A time of year where we analyze our current disposition, and create a mental dream board of what we want out of our next 365 days. 

This practice while intentionally positive, is something I view cautiously and I’ll tell you why. 

I’ve recently started working at a clinic where we see a lot of patients who have been in motor vehicle accidents. Spending time with them, navigating their histories and their traumas has served as a meaningful reminder that life can change or be taken away in an instant.  All we have is this moment right here; and isn’t it a miracle that we have it?  

So what is it about a clock striking midnight that suddenly transforms us into the people we want to be?  

This life is happening right now. It is happening with every breath and every passing minute.  It is happening with every success and every failure, every love and every heartbreak, every laugh and every tear. 

Don’t wait for 2020 to be a person you love.  Be that person right here and now. 

Be that person in how you care for yourself

In how you show up for others

In how you face challenge

In how you react to adversity

Basking in the good stuff when it feels good

Riding out the wave when things feel awful

And knowing that you can be this person you dream of;

With or without checking off a list of accomplishments for our next trip around the sun.