I have heard so many translations and extensions of this phrase over the eight years that I have exited practice rooms. 

“I bow to you”

“The divine light within me honours and bows down to the divine light in you” 

“My soul recognizes your soul”

Tonight in my class, it revealed a depth that I have never experienced.  

Tonight’s class was themed around the throat chakra, inspired by a screw up in my workplace today (more on this later). I opened my class by talking about my missteps. I dialogued how I would do things differently in the future. And then we went on to flow and breathe together in a practice that felt viscerally deep. 


We closed our class as a collective and when the room had emptied, one of my students stayed behind and said some version of this to me:

“We are so blessed that you bring your stories into your teaching and live this practice off of your mat. Your vulnerability is truly your gift; every time I come into this room, I am taken on a journey and I leave here feeling like a freer person then when I arrived – As if I am floating. You are a star that burns so brightly and asks for nothing in return. I am so grateful for your offerings” 

All of that expansion in the throat cultivated in our practice; a feeling bubbled up directly from my heart, rose to the surface and released itself from that place of expression.  With absolute safety and comfort, I started to cry.  

I see you. I see myself in you, because in this space, we are the same. I feel your pain and your gratitude and everything in between, because we are one. With recognition that our souls are inseparable, I bow to you; Namaste