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Dr. Kirstie Griffiths is a guest contributor, podcast speaker, and workshop host offering meaningful and insightful discussion on pain management and the mind-body connection as the key to living well.

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Dr. Kirstie Griffiths is a Canadian chiropractor, yoga teacher, and best-selling author.

Her passion is in helping people overcome back pain using a mind-body approach that integrates yoga and chiropractic care.  Dr. Griffiths is the author of "Back to Wellness: A mind-body approach to managing your back pain" and the founder of “Yoga for Back Pain,” a 12-week online program that combines education, movement, and meditation, specifically designed for people with back pain.

As an industry leader, she has helped thousands of people overcome their pain using a signature approach that focuses on mind-body health, integrating techniques such as manual therapy, acupuncture, and yoga. Patient education is a key pillar in her methodology – she uses it to empower people to better understand and take control of their pain so they can get back to the things that bring them joy.  

Dr. Griffiths has shared her expertise and experience through guest contributions to magazines and publications, keynote speeches, corporate presentations, group programs, and one-on-one patient care. She has launched a course with Yoga International, and has been featured in Well+Good and many podcasts including The Entrepology Podcast, and The Chiro Inspired Podcast.

When she is not working with patients, she loves to travel and hike the mountains, try new restaurants, and explore the good things that life has to offer with her husband and their dog.

Looking for an engaging educational speaker for your next event?

Dr. Griffiths’ informative talks are evidence-based, thought-provoking and delivered with inspirational insight on what it means to live well. She offers tangible, actionable strategies on reducing pain, alleviating stress, and stepping into holistic health habits.  Participants will enjoy “lightbulb moments” during her talks that change the way they think about and approach wellness.

Dr. Griffiths’ Signature Talks

Working from Home

Adapting to a changing world while nurturing your mental and physical health

Meditation for Mental and Physical Health

The science of meditation, an experiential workshop 

Back to Wellness

Healing your back pain with education and yoga

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“Dr. Griffiths is engaging – the content is not only relevant, but I found it to be more universally relevant, meaning the tips were good for everybody not just specific demographics.”

“A very practical discussion about ergonomics – I took away several ideas to improve my workspace.”

“The exercises she instructed highlighted all those unknown areas in my body that are paying a toll.”

“Well-presented practical information that anyone could use.”

“Covered a great mix of topics, ensuring that everyone could get something out of the session.”

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Interested in Corporate Wellness Programs?

Dr. Griffiths facilitates corporate wellness programs with a focus on introducing mindfulness, meditation, and feel-good movement breaks into the workplace. These can be designed and adapted to suit your organization’s specific needs. Her Wellness Programs are an excellent way to foster good culture and emphasize the importance of employee wellness.