It Begins with Listening

When I was in the third year of my Biomedical Sciences degree, I worked up the courage to apply for medical school. I wrote about it the day I went out to buy the MCAT prep book.  “All or those mistakes and wrong turns were worth it, just to experience the satisfaction of scraping the dirt off your flesh, looking the world dead on, and saying ‘maybe I can actually do this.’  Dream big.”

Then life happened, my dreams were redirected and one year ago today, I walked across the stage as Dr. Kirstyn Ross, Doctor of Chiropractic. It’s been a year. One of making mistakes, having uncertainties, feeling like it is impossible to learn as much as I want to, but also one of growing, learning as much as I could, and experiencing a fulfilling bliss that I would not replace for anything. 

On the days when I feel the experience the greatest doubt, I remember the oath I took, 365 days ago. “I will at all times stand ready to serve my fellow people, without distinction of race, creed or colour, in my lifelong vocation of preventing and alleviating human suffering, wherever it may be found.” 

Some days that means getting the diagnosis right. Other days it means providing a safe space. If there is one thing I have learned for certain, it is that healing takes on many forms and usually begins with listening.