Is Yoga the New Food Guide?

Not exactly, but hear me out on how yogic philosophy has trickled into this new set of recommendations put forth by the Canadian Government. 

I spent some time today appraising these new changes with a skeptical eye, and I must say; Canada, you have made me proud. This is a program I can get on board with. This is a program reflective of how I approach diet with my patients. This is holistic nutrition presented in such a way that respects the research while simultaneously feeling intuitive. 

The most exciting updates to the food guide surround the psychology and sociology of eating. They acknowledge that food intake for Canadians goes beyond four food groups. The what, why, when, where, and how often’s of eating involve culture, technology, and arguably above all else, the mind; and this is such an important place to start. 

So the scientist and yogi in me beamed in unison when I came across “mindfulness” “eating for enjoyment” and “eating with others” as critical updates to this plan. This is paired alongside practical recommendations such as swapping out store bought dressings for homemade olive based ones, drinking water with meals, and incorporating plant based proteins for their added nutritional benefits.  

Now is as good a time as any to bring health back to what we eat, and it simply starts by paying attention.  May we let go of the unrealistic limitations we place on diet that lead to guilt and anxiety. Turning off the phone at meal time, connecting with other humans over food, savouring and enjoying every last bite; this is where we begin.