Inner Peace Yoga

Things have shifted. Plans have changed. New projects have taken shape and it has required the majority of our emotional effort. 

I’ve had this conversation in a handful of different ways over these weeks, circling back to this struggle to do what seems like so little, and demands so much. “How is it that I only accomplished two things today and it is already 5:00?  Where has my productivity disappeared to?” 

I have been reminded by my team of incredible humans that what we are trying to accomplish right now is in no way a small feat. We are being challenged in ways we never imagined and that complicates even the most mundane of tasks. The reason is feels like a great effort is because it truly is a heavy weight – I learned this the day my computer ran out of space, requiring me to order a new hard drive.  It’s not as simple as hopping in your car anymore for a 5 minute errand. Discovering my car battery had died and needed to be replaced was more than I could handle. 

Coping has involved tear shed and a surprising amount of yin yoga. These moments of stillness in the practice allow us to cultivate inner peace. The word that keeps coming back to me in my practice over the last couple of days is buoyancy.  It is how I feel at the end of the practice; suspended. No need to race forward or track back. Somewhere in the space between the ends of the spectrum that have frequented my body lately – a fluttering in my chest that is so wispy I feel I could float, and a heaviness in my heart that is so full I feel I am married to the ground. In those moments, I am comfortably supported where I am.  Buoyant. Suspended. Held by the earth.  Not every moment of my day is filled with gratitude, but that one always is. Wishing you all peace and comfort as we navigate these challenging times together.