DR Outreach Anniversary

One year ago today, I was pulling on scrubs, preparing for my first morning of treating patients in the Dominican Republic. 

It is hard to look at photos of this girl and believe that this was only one year ago. So much has shifted. So many challenges have been met. So many elements of my life have blossomed. 

I remember sitting down at the end of this day, soaked through with sweat, facing an exhaustion I had never known. So many things about that first day were difficult – the language barrier, the sheer patient load, the inescapable heat, and the overwhelming reminder that I still had so much to learn. 

It has been one year and I now take comfort in knowing I will always have so much more to learn. That quest for knowledge and better patient care keeps me inspired, while the unanswered questions keep me grounded.  

I am forever grateful to have been gifted with this opportunity to travel to another country and treat patients that would otherwise have limited access to care. These beautiful people reinforced the greatest lesson I have learned in practice; that love is a universal language and that as chiropractors, our hearts together with our hands have a great capacity to heal