Downie Dog

Yesterday’s home practice did not go as planned.

After a busy day of connecting with lovely humans and running errands, I thought it might be relaxing to roll out my mat for a little Vinyasa before getting ready for my meditation class.  Relaxing was not necessarily the word I would use to describe the practice that unfolded; instead it was a perfect example of the necessity to be flexible (body and mind). 

So here is my dog Downie; trotting all over my mat, leaving her little paw prints as evidence of her presence. Over the course of this one hour flow, I created a chair barricade, moved her bed three times, and tried my very best to ignore her. She wasn’t having any of it. 

But my day had been too bright to be frustrated by this. So we flowed together. I pet her in between asanas. I laid in stillness as she licked my hands looking for treats. I giggled in savasana when she dropped her toy on me as a gesture to be playful. 

A reminder to be playful

To not take yoga too seriously

To be open to experiencing life exactly as it comes. 

Puppy Vinyasa; filing this away as a future business idea after Yoga for Low Back Pain