Benefits of Yoga

We are living in a time when yoga is so needed.  Many people turn to yoga as a form of fitness, but the benefits of yoga go far beyond physical activity.  The other aspects of yoga that weave mindfulness, awareness, and breath work in with movement are some of the most powerful aspects of the practice.  In fact, health benefits have been attributed to meditation practices on their own, lending to the healing power of the brain even in the absence of exercise. 

The ramifications of COVID-19 have left many of us feeling scattered.  We have transitioned our work space into our homes that were not designed to support us mentally or physically in these roles.  Ergonomic set-up is poor, distractions are high, and stress is palpable. 

In addition to these changes, we have also lost our usual tools for coping.  Yoga specifically is an incredible tool, but many forms of exercise serve this purpose.  Many people use gyms and fitness facilities as an outlet, and access to these centres and their services have diminished.  We are moving less and stressing more and this creates a perfect storm in the development of back pain.

Back pain is extremely common and serves as the leading cause of disability worldwide.  Most cases are mechanical in nature, meaning the pain is originating from tissues such as muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and nerves.  These tissues respond beautifully to a combination of active and passive care, meaning exercise performed by the patient, and hands-on therapy provided by a practitioner.  With both of these options currently limited, people need new and innovative options to manage their pain. 

In my practice, I have observed the health benefits of yoga as they are experienced by my patients.  Last year I created a program Yoga for Back Pain, combining education, movement, and meditation specifically designed for people with back pain.  I was already in the process of converting this program to an online format when our world was turned upside down with the pandemic.  This time and space revealed to me just how important these tools are and my vision has become clear on exactly how I can serve to create impact.       

I have created a free demo video for you so you can experience the benefits of yoga in the form of education, movement, and meditation that is designed for you and your life right now.  Click here to receive a copy of this video and please let me know what you think!