Back Pain Exercises at Home

Back pain exercises at home have become an important option for people looking for relief from back pain while complying with social distancing requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last month I had the opportunity to share my work on yoga for back pain through a partnership with the Canadian Chiropractic Association.  The Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) represents over 9,000 licensed chiropractors as the national voice for the profession across the country.  During the pandemic, they have been working hard to support members and offer resources to chiropractors to enhance patient care.

The coronavirus outbreak has shifted the landscape for chiropractic care over the past 6 weeks.  Chiropractic is listed as an essential service but has been restricted to emergency and acute care, resulting in many chiropractors seeking innovative methods to communicate with patients and continue to offer valuable care. 

The issue of back pain has far from disappeared, in fact many people may feel their back pain has worsened over the passing weeks with added emotional stress and changes to their routine.  A significant number of people across Ontario have either found themselves out of work or working from home in an environment that is not optimized ergonomically, increasing postural stress and fatigue.

Patients are turning to technology to provide them with answers on how to manage back pain, whether that is through a virtual appointment with their healthcare provider, or a YouTube video with back pain exercises they can do at home.  I was observing these trends in the virtual yoga classes I offer, with my yoga students specifically interested in managing their stress and their back pain with exercises at home. 

Behind the scenes, I have been working hard to convert my existing 12-week program Yoga for Back Pain to an online format and saw the need for these resources now.  The CCA invited me to host a webinar as a guest instructor to offer two yoga classes which have now been published on YouTube: Yoga for Stress Reduction and Yoga for Back Pain.  These videos show how we can integrate yoga therapeutically in the management of health conditions using movement, meditation, and mindful awareness as healing tools.

I hope anyone with back pain will find these videos helpful and I look forward to any feedback or comments.  I’m putting the finishing touches on my 12-week online Yoga for Back Pain program now – stay tuned for more information to come about the program launch in early June.