Dr. Kirstie Griffiths

Guelph Chiropractic & Yoga

Please be Advised

In the wake of COVID-19, Dr. Griffiths is offering virtual yoga classes through a partnership with local studio LOYOBO Fit.  Use promo code "chiroyogi" at checkout to get access to 30 days of unlimited fitness classes for $30.

The Chiropractic Yogi

Dr. Griffiths is a Chiropractor and Yoga Teacher, practicing in Guelph, Ontario.  As a health care provider, Dr. Griffiths values an integrative model of care that is evidence-based, and emphasizes the mind-body connection.  Dr. Griffiths offers hands on treatment to ease pain and improve function, and incorporates physical rehabilitation and yoga therapy in patient care.  She also offers customized advice on diet, nutrition and exercise, and provides a space to discuss goals as well as everyday stressors and strategies to overcoming obstacles to wellness.

A Unique Approach to Wellness

Dr. Griffiths integrates the benefits of yoga therapy and chiropractic, in an effort to provide a well-rounded approach to health and wellness.  Dr. Griffiths offers chiropractic care, private yoga instruction, and is available for workshops and special events.

Yoga for Back Pain Online - Coming Soon!

Yoga For Back Pain will soon be available in an online format - all of the benefits of a program that combines education, yoga postures, and meditation for back pain, accessible from the comfort of your own home.  Please check back for updates on the launch of this exciting program.

In the meantime, please click the button below to access your FREE demo video of Yoga for Back Pain.

New! 2020 Yoga Therapy Programs

Yoga for Low Back Pain combines education, movement, and meditation in a safe, small-group class format.

*NEW*  Integrated Yoga + Manual Therapy (available as an option for all programs).  Includes:

Initial Consultation

Report of Findings

6 or 12 Yoga Classes

6 or 12 Chiropractic Treatments

Certified in Webster Technique for Care During Pregnancy